My name is Tracey Albrecht and would like to tell you about one of my passions. I was introduced to couponing by my friend Andrea, she asked me to go with her to see the “Coupon Queen” Jill Cataldo at the Elgin Library. I was very skeptical but I went. The information that was given completely overwhelmed me, my head was literally spinning on how this woman can save so much money with COUPONS!  I was going to start saving my inserts and see if I could find time to do this, I didn’t start right away. It sat in the back of my head as I collected inserts and my mom and her friends started saving them for me as well. I was experiencing a very low point in my life with a recent divorce, on the brink of losing my home, and a very low time for my business. That is when I realized God was leading me in the direction of couponing to help take control of my finances and really focus on eliminating my debt by using the money I would have spent on groceries toward my bills.

With God’s help, I have overcome those obstacles, have been able to keep my house with cashing out my retirement and a loan modification. Three years later I am still couponing and saving thousands each year because of it. Not only with coupons but with almost everything I buy and my whole perspective on money has changed for the better. I am dead set on eliminating the debt that I have left and will not move into any new debt. I don’t have a credit card, and we eliminated things from our budget that probably would appall most of you (TV service).

I now feel called to pass what I have learned to you with willcouponforfood.com. It is not only to save money, but it is an empowerment to take control and use the resources given to us to help ourselves and others. I try and post the best of the best that I find from other blogs and my own shopping. Please feel free to comment or write me with any questions. I feel truly blessed to have been able to learn these techniques and share them with you. My hope is for you to make the most of your hard earned money.

Happy Couponing!