Dominicks Purex Ultra Packs $1.49!

October 24, 2012 // Dominicks

I stopped in Dom’s the other day to pickup my Campbells soup and knowing I had my Big Fall Dominicks Book and some Purex coupons for the Action Packs have been keeping an eye out. YAY! the 26 load Action Packs are on sale for $3.49 thru Wed. Oct. 31.

There was a J4U coupon to load that is a Store Coupon that takes $1. off. The October AllYou has a ManQ for another $1. off. X11/30. The Fall Coupon book that is/was in Dominick’s also had a store coupon for $1. off the Action Packs (states 1 per transaction).

I used the loaded J4U coupon and 1 coupon from AllYou to make this $1.49 before tax. That is about 6¢ a load! Even if you don’t have the AllYou coupon it still comes out to be under 10¢ a load. I have not used these Action Packs yet but curious to see if they dissolve completely in my front loader. States “For All Machines”.

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