Dominick’s $5 Friday

October 26, 2012 // Dominicks

Even better than previously posted! Watch out for $1.00 off peelies on the $5. 12-Double Roll Cottonelle! I had loaded a $4.00 off $40.00 on my J4U and it triggered it pre-coupon and pre-J4U pricing! I was happily surprised when I only paid $24 for 5 packs of TP, 2 Bon Appetit (reminder $2. off coupon here) and Purex ActionPack. I had a -$1.55 on my J4U I think I had a 55¢ eCoupon and the $1. off one worked with it as well. (Dominick’s Mundelein)


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  1. Extension for $5 Friday deal thru the weekend

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