Some Meijer Deals 9.17.12

September 17, 2012 // Meijer

Meijer (McHenry) CAPRI-Sun deal on Super V (Veggie and Fruit with Fiber blend). On sale for $2.50, Meijer has a deal going buy 3 and get automatic $3. Credit. There is a Mperks electronic coupon for $3. Off 3 Super V or 100% juice and you’re drinking up 50¢ a box Super V’s. We haven’t tried these yet but they will be in lunch boxes tomorrow!

Mott’s squeeze apple sauce on sale for $2.29 and I had $1. off IPs. Not sure if a good deal but the kids love these.

There are a few deals posted on Tombstone Pizza. I didn’t have time to try because there weren’t many in McHenry Meijer and I didn’t have time to search for good ones for our house… here is Jill Cataldo’s Deal and see her full Meijer and Deals of the Week post HERE.

– $1 off 2 – All You Back to School Extra
With coupon in the above scenario, pay $11.50 for 5 and get $3 back. That’s $8.50 for five, or $1.70 each!

EVEN BETTER Deal Idea: The new 9/16 SS has a 20% off six Target coupon which includes Tombstone. If your Meijer takes competitor coupons, buy six Tombstones for $2 each ($10.) Pay $10 and get $3 back. That’s $7 for SIX, or about $1.67 each!

(And if you’ve got the All You coupon to use with this scenario too, you’re looking at $9 for six pizzas, or $1.50 each! Super price for Tombstones!)

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